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09 June 2014

Think of the kids!

Unless you make a conscious decision to exclude them there will most probably be children at your wedding. Now, while the adults will get tearful listening to your vows, laugh at the lame jokes during the speeches, pose politely for photos and mingle after the ceremony, children may get a little bored (for want of a better word). So these are just a few ways you can entertain the younger guests at your wedding!

Have a children's table

Imagine how special the kids at your wedding will feel if you have a table just for them. Some venues may be able to get you special kids' sized furniture which can look really cute and you can replace the table centres with sweets, colouring books and crayons and things to play with. Not only will it keep the kids occupied, it'll give their parents time to enjoy themselves without worrying about them. You can also organise for a child-minder to sit with the children.


One universal fact is that all kids (and most adults) love blowing bubbles, having a bottle of bubbles for every child at your wedding will definitely keep them happy and the bubbles look really pretty too!

Gifts for kids

All kids love presents so why not ask their parents what they'd like and buy it for them. There's nothing like a new toy to keep a kid occupied for hours.

Cupcake/cake-pop decorating station

For me one of the most frustrating parts of a wedding is the waiting, more specifically the wait for the cake to be cut and then the wait for it to be served, there are just certain things that should not be waited for. So imagine how the kids feel. One way of being kind to them and not making them partake in the excruciating wait for cake is setting up a table where they can decorate, and more importantly, eat cupcakes and/or cake-pops. Trust me when I say, they will be eternally grateful.

Kids' area

The thing about kids as opposed to adults is that they are pretty easily pleased, something as simple as an activity area is enough to keep them happy. Have colouring books and crayons, play-dough, stickers and headbands that kids can decorate. You could also hire a clown or balloon maker to keep kids entertained. If only pleasing your adult guests was as simple!

Movie corner

Post ceremony give the kids an area equipped with beanbags, cushions, pillows, books and movies to chill out. Kids will love you for it. One thing which can make such a huge difference, both to the kids, to their parents, to other adults and to the couple, is appointing someone to watch over the younger guests. Whether it's a friend/family member, or a professional it can be such a huge help knowing the kids at your wedding are not only having fun but staying safe.

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