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09 June 2014

The Wedding Dress

Wedding DressA wedding is full of big decisions, but arguably the most important single item is the wedding dress. Deciding whether to go for a simple design or a fuller, 'flouncy' number and choosing strapless or sleeved can take a lot of research and pondering before the final ensemble is chosen. Even the length of the veil can be a major decision. However, whilst you may be entirely focused on what you think looks the best, there are a number of myths and legends that surround the bridal gown.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue...But Why?

There is one custom that many couples have heard of and many choose to stick to. "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe". But whilst the rhyme may be familiar, do you know what it is said to represent? The 'something old' part of the custom is supposed to represent the bride's family, whereas the 'something new' is said to represent the bride as an adult. The superstition suggests that 'something borrowed' means you will take on the happiness of the couple that lend you the item, so pick wisely! The blue item is a Victorian custom where the colour was believed to symbolise constancy, purity and fidelity. The silver sixpence, or penny as many brides often substitute today, is said to be an omen for financial security and wealth. However, although this is one of the best-known superstitions, there are a number of others that are not quite as famous but used to be commonplace during weddings.

A Stitch in Time

If you are handy with a needle, you may decide to create your own wedding outfit. Whilst designing it is OK, actually sewing it yourself is considered very bad luck. The superstition says that for every stitch sewed by the bride, a tear will be shed during the marriage.

Pearls of Wisdom

Another superstition about the bride's tears is the use of pearls on a wedding dress, although the soothsayers couldn't decide whether this was a good or bad thing. Some customs suggested the pearls on the dress represented sadness in the marriage and meant the bride would spend her entire married life in tears. Other customs suggested the opposite; the pearls on the outfit took the place of real teardrops and meant the marriage would be happy. Getting ready for the big day inevitably means trying on your outfit, but if you want a happy marriage you should avoid trying everything on together, according to superstition. It's fine to try part of the outfit, or even all of it, providing it isn't all on at the same time.

Once You Are a Mrs...

When all's said and done and the big day is history, don't even think about trying to sell your wedding dress. It's absolutely fine if you want to give your dress away but selling it will bring doom upon the marriage. It's also apparently vital to chuck out any pins used in the bride's clothes during the ceremony. Failing to do this will bring untold friction and pain to the marriage.

It Could Be Worse...

But whilst some of these customs may seem rather odd and restrictive, they are not as strange as some of the traditions that have fallen by the wayside. If you were getting married in the fifteenth century, rather than throwing your bouquet, you would be expected to strip off your stocking and garter in public and fling them to the waiting wedding party. All of a sudden, having a penny in your shoe doesn't seem quite as bad!

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