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09 June 2014

The Emergency Beauty Kit for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is most likely going to be the most photographed day of your life. These photos will take pride of place not only in your home but also your parents, in laws and other friends and family member's homes. So it stands to reason that staying fresh faced and immaculate throughout the day is high on the agenda and something many brides fret about as the big day draws ever near.

First Thing's First - Where Does it Go?

When space is limited (we've yet to see a bridal holdall!) you need to trim down the excess to leave you with exactly what you'll need throughout the day. A Maid of Honour duty is often to keep hold of the bits and bob you'll need so discuss this with her ahead of time and ensure she allows space alongside her own necessary items.

The Complete List of Beauty Essentials

We've seen endless lists of items in planning articles such as this which would leave your poor Maid of Honour dragging a suitcase around with her on the day! The following list should provide you with the absolute essentials.

1) A packet of mints to keep you minty fresh. With lots of talking, eating and drinking you’ll certainly need to keep a pack handy.

2) Cosmetic glue is a must if you are planning on wearing false eyelashes or nails. Make sure they are labelled very clearly if you have both so they are not confused!

3) Lipstick and a good quality lip balm. If you are going natural then you can bypass the lipstick, but a good hydrating balm is essential for keeping lips soft throughout the day!

4) Bobby pins. Even if your hair is down, when you start dancing in the evening and temperatures rise in the room, you may start to feel a little hot under the collar and bobby pins will be your best friend, allowing you to pin back the front section of your hair so it's off your face. Up dos may loosen over the course of the day so having a few pins handy will banish a drooping barnet!

5) Shine control powder. A heady mix of lighting, nerves and dancing can result in slipping makeup and a shiny face - not exactly what you had in mind for your wedding photos. Keep your makeup in check with a light dusting of shine control powder throughout the day and don't forget to cover your dress before you apply!

6) Plasters. An obvious one to keep uncomfortable shoes from rubbing away your wedding high.

7) A small cosmetic mirror. There is nothing worse than thinking you may have something stuck in your teeth and not being able to check without taking yourself off to the ladies! Have a mirror on hand and a few toothpicks as well to rectify any post-meal mishaps.

8) Deodorant and your perfume. Even winter brides will feel the heat when it comes to their big day - keep whiffs at bay with a good quality deodorant and your chosen perfume for the day. If the perfume bottle is large, do your Maid of Honour a favour and decant a small amount into a handbag friendly atomiser ahead of the day.

9) Ibuprofen. I's going to be a whirlwind of a day and this can lead to headaches. Keep a packet handy to eliminate the first signs of a headache and remember to drink plenty of water too.

10) A packet of tissues. When the practicality melts away many brides suddenly become overcome with emotion and a few happy tears are all to be expected, so make sure tissues are at the ready!

To Be Left with the Wedding Reception Team

If you are staying in hotel rooms provided by the reception venue then you needn't worry too much about the larger items as you can always take yourself up to the room for a quick spruce up. If not, you may wish to speak with the staff of your chosen venue to ensure a few other bulkier items are easy to reach on the day. A pair of comfy flats could be the answer to your prayers as an evening shoe change could be in order to ensure you can keep dancing the night away! A pair of straighteners may also be wise as they are great for sleek hairstyles and for making waves and curls if you notice your hair is dropping or frizzing at any point. Avert beauty blips on your big day by having these items to hand (and by making a wise choice when it comes to your Maid of Honour!)

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