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09 June 2014

Not keen on wedding cake? Try these alternatives instead

When you think of a wedding cake do your thoughts go straight to sponges and tiers? Well, think again! There are so many alternatives to the traditional looking and tasting wedding cake nowadays, from cake-pops to cheese cakes and everything in between, the choice is completely yours.

Cake Pops

Who in their right, sweet mind could possibly refuse a delicious ball of sponge covered in yummy frosting on a stick decorated in anything from glitter to sprinkles to sugared confectionary? Cake pops as alternatives to wedding cakes became very popular a few years ago and the trend just hasn't subsided. As well as often being a cheaper alternative to traditional wedding cakes, they're easy to hold, look incredibly cute, can be iced however you wish and are easy to serve guests. If you don't want to get a professional to make them you can always rope in your friends and family to help you DIY as they're pretty straight forward to make - see for plenty of great recipes and tips.


Cupcakes are such a fun alternative to a traditional tiered cake. One of the things with traditional wedding cake is that not everyone will enjoy it but with cupcakes you can mix a variety of flavours so there is something for everyone. They are also a lot easier to DIY than a traditional wedding cake would be.

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Ice Cream

What's not to love about ice cream?! It's pretty much guaranteed that your guests will unequivocally love this alternative to wedding cake - you could have an ice cream van present or a make-your-own-sundae bar and when it comes to flavours the choice is endless and all yours.


Mini Desserts

Serving a platter of mini desserts as the last course of your reception meal is a fantastic alternative to wedding cake. You can take your pick from macaroons, cookies, chocolate eclairs, dessert shots and cheesecakes. The best thing is to pick a selection and serve enough of each that all guests can have a taste of each type should they wish.

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