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09 June 2014

Keeping Your Replies and Preserving Them

Wedding RepliesOne of the most important things about a wedding is the memory created by this most special of days. These memories will last a lifetime, especially if you take steps to preserve tokens and special items from the day and make sure they last safely in storage for many years to come. When it comes to your wedding invitations, why not preserve the replies for the future along with any cards, letters and written sentiments given to you by family and friends in relation to your special day. There are different ways of looking after these items. Firstly, you can arrange for them to be professionally stored or you can do it yourself, by investing in a good quality storage box and packing your replies safely. Ensure that the storage box is clean and dry and kept away from sunlight, which will cause the papers to bleach. Consider keeping a silica sachet in your box to avoid any dampness, especially if you are storing in a loft or cellar.

Storage Boxes or Display Albums?

There are different ways of preserving your replies and other tokens, depending on how you wish to use them. If you are likely to take them out and read them at intervals, why not spend time making them into a calendar or memory album. There is a great range of photo albums and scrapbooks, which are ideal for the purpose. Just seek advice when using adhesives, as some of these can degrade over time. You may be better using holders and inserts rather than applying an adhesive directly to your wedding replies, or make the most of transparent envelopes and insert slots.

Remind Yourself

Written replies can become lost over time if the original guest is forgotten, so take accompanying photos and write a memory for yourself. This will bring more distant friends, colleagues and other guests back to mind when sharing your recollections.

Bringing Memories to Life

It can be nice to make your memory books come alive too with other items, such as pressed roses or flowers from your bouquet, ribbons from gifts and a menu from the wedding breakfast. These items all come together to create a real set of rich memories from your wedding, which you'll treasure forever. Many brides also leave fun cameras on guests' tables during the wedding breakfast and reception, so they can capture memories of the event from different perspectives. Save the stills from your wedding video too, to weave them into your memory box or book. You could go a step further and hire a writer or recorder to more formally capture your memories and capture your wedding to paper for your relatives and children to enjoy.

Have Fun With It

If replies or other items get damaged, try not to get too upset. A wedding card with a splash of champagne or a smear of wedding cake isn't the end of the world; in fact, it's simply a reminder of the great time you had!

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