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09 June 2014

'In The Corner' - Essential Entertainment for your Wedding Day

Weddings can be hectic and crowded occasions at the best of times, and, as such, it can be difficult to please everybody with the entertainment. Some of your older guests may enjoy just socialising with friends and relatives that they don't get to see very often. The kids will enjoy running around the room and getting under peoples' feet. Those in the middle may become disinterested just watching a singer make their way through a cheesy set of songs. Hence, how do you please everyone? By investing in some'in-the-corner' entertainment. '˜In-the-corner' entertainment is named so as it can literally be put in the corner of your wedding reception. It gives your guests something to enjoy throughout the evening without it becoming the focal point of everyone's attention for 30 minutes of the party. So what kind of entertainment could you fill your room with?

For the kids: Balloon Animal Maker

Kids love mementos, so balloon animals will make a great temporary souvenir/favour from your wedding. Balloon animal makers are highly skilled, and can often make every animal species on Earth, along with other props such as hats, swords and handbags! The kids' attention will be kept occupied as they watch an animal magically appear in balloon form, and they will also love challenging the person that you have hired to make other obscure models. What's more, the adults get some time to socialise without a toddler getting under their feet and they may even indulge in a balloon accessory themselves!


For the teens: DIY Photo Booth DIY - Photo Booth

Teens love having their photos taken - you only have to look on their social networking pages to acknowledge that. Fill a box with fancy dress props, frames and other items such as inflatables, so that the youngsters at your wedding can have a bit of fun. A selection of custom backdrops can add another exciting element to the booth and the teens will love posing for the camera. Another benefit? You get another alternative photo album from your wedding, and one that is guaranteed to make you giggle in a few years time. You can even use the stills for future embarrassment on their birthdays!

For the young adults: Karaoke Stage

Everybody gets merry at a wedding, so why not take advantage of your guests' lost inhibitions by giving them an opportunity to showcase their musical talents, in front of a live audience? Set up a small stage outside the main reception room with a television, microphones and great selection of backing tracks. By keeping it away from the main group of guests, those who fancy trying themselves as the next Olly Murs or Jessie J can do so without disrupting family conversations. Not to mention that great wedding footage can be gained from a hilarious karaoke show!

For the older adults: Caricaturists Caricature - Wedding

Caricaturists are known for drawing their subjects with a bit of a rude twist, so this entertainment is guaranteed to put a smile on the more mature of your guests. Allow your guest artist to set up in the corner of the room with adequate lighting and space for a number of subjects to sit together, and let the drawing commence! You could give your guests space in the guest book to stick their caricatures next to the message that they leave for you, or you could let them take it away; regardless, caricatures provide great memories for all involved!




The beauty of the 'in-the-corner' entertainment noted above is that they are suited to all ages, and everyone can get involved in each activity. Subtle entertainment options are a great way to keep your wedding reception interesting and exciting whilst making sure that you, the couple, remain its deserved focal point.

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