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06 February 2015

How to make your wedding unique - by expert wedding planner Matthew Oliver

Throughout my career as a wedding planner, I’ve seen loads of weddings and events and each one has been completely different from the other, yes there were similarities, but the overall event was completely different.

To me a wedding is built on personality and this is how you should create your design and style for your wedding - with your likes.  For instance you can pick your favourite colours and theme quite easily, and then you can adapt each of those with your likes?

For I’m currently planning a wedding where both the bride and groom love chilies, so we’ve decided to incorporate chilies into the design of the entire day - for stationary, flowers, and table design!  This of course makes it unique and different, but even the most simple idea could make your wedding unique. For example last year I had a couple get married on an organic egg farm, and they had eggs and chickens throughout the design.

It’s really important you don’t get lost and worried about your wedding not being unique, because if you stay true to yourself and create your wedding with your preferences, influences and inspiration your wedding WILL be unique.  Yes there are certain areas that do make your more wedding unique than others and they can be….

TRADITIONS Change the day around, and have the ceremony last and the reception first.

MUSIC A massive area that can be unique is the music, think of bands and the atmosphere you want to create.

TABLE DESIGN AND FAVOURS Create something unique, and make it stand out! Think about linen, chairs, crockery and cutlery also.

FLOWERS Try using less traditional flowers, maybe adding fruits and veg into them somehow.

FOOD Perhaps go down a more personal route instead of having a sit down meal. Ideas could be street food stalls, bowl food, feasts or a mixed cultural buffet!

COLOUR Mix colours that work really well, but have not had much exposure and popularity as others.

CONTRASTING Mix a couple of designs together.

The rule to make your wedding unique is not to listen to anyone and follow your heart and not anyone else, not family, friends, magazine, not even ME. It’s your day and no one should influence you in to doing anything you don’t like or want.

I hope this gives you a general idea of how you can make your wedding unique and any help or advice you need, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Good luck and happy weddings.

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner


From top:

Place name table settings on eggs for an egg themed wedding

Place setting with a twist

Chilli board for one of Matthew's upcoming events


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