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09 June 2014

Handmade or Printed?

Wedding Invites - Handmade Vs PrintedWhen it comes to planning your perfect wedding, the wedding stationery is one of the earlier decisions you'll need to act on and deliver. You may be planning to send early 'save the date' cards with an invitation to follow, in which case you'll need two sets of stationery. You'll also need to decide whether you're going for a personal handmade set of invitations, or having them professionally printed. As with everything, there are pros and cons to both.

Handmade Cards - the Benefits

The benefit of a handmade card is that it's highly personal and gives you the chance to express your creativity. If you are a fan of crafts, attention to detail, or frankly, a control freak (in the nicest possible sense, as weddings bring out the project manager in us all!) you may wish to look into making your own. Certainly this approach will give you great creative freedom, absolute control and flexibility in what you produce. The resulting cards will no doubt please your guests who will see the effort that you've put into making them.

Handmade Cards - the Downside

However, you have to be realistic about both time and budget. Making cards yourself will take a lot of effort and time. Materials can work out expensive once you start buying in large volumes or pricing in pretty toppers, decorative elements and high quality cards and papers.

A Solution

Try using some of the card making software packages available for a personalised set of cards that doesn't require the same amount of time, money and manual work. There are some interesting packages available, or you could even commission a designer to create an online e-card for you if you're digitally inclined!

Printed Wedding Cards - the Benefits

Alternatively, you may wish to commission printed cards. These will guarantee that your stationery is of the best quality and you'll be able to select from a wide range of options and be confident about what you'll receive. There are online providers, in-store providers, boutique stores, catalogues and freelance designers and printers who will create gorgeous printed wedding stationery to suit your tastes, colour scheme and budget. There are also some lovely off the shelf card collections that can simply be filled in by hand and are ready to send.

Printed Cards - the Downside

The cost of this approach can quickly mount up, especially if you are planning to send both 'save the date' and actual wedding invitations. Factor in the cost of postage too, as well as envelopes. When looking at card brochures, be careful to remember your budget, or you can quickly find that you upgrade to a far more expensive set of cards than you'd anticipated. There is also an element of trust required with printed cards as you're outsourcing the work to a supplier, so ask for samples to see exactly what you're getting. Be sure that paper weights, embossed finishes, inks, paper stock finishes and other factors are as you expected to save trouble later down the line. Ultimately the decision about whether to hand-make cards or commission printed ones is a very personal choice and will depend on a variety of factors. As with all elements of your wedding, don't be pressurised into making a decision that you don't feel happy with and spend time researching your options and shopping around. You'll eventually find the perfect choice that you feel happy pursuing. Now all you need to do is get your address book up to date...

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