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09 June 2014

Guests' Photo Guide

Guests Photo GuideWedding photos have a way of making everyone feel misty-eyed and sentimental as they reminisce over the wonderful day. Whilst wedding photographers can do a fabulous job, there's no denying that the pictures taken by your family and friends can offer an equally intimate peek into your day. One of the most difficult jobs can be rounding up all the photos taken by guests, many of which are destined for either Facebook or to remain on mobile phone galleries. However, these snapshots offer a view of the day that the bride and groom may have missed and can be a way to bring another dimension to the album.

Organising the Photos

A possible solution is to hand out disposable cameras at the reception. Whilst this is a great idea, it can be expensive to develop all the film and there is no way of knowing what kind of pictures they hold (although admittedly that is half the fun!) Also, many guests will still use either their own digital cameras or phones to take pictures they can upload. Therefore, it can be worthwhile investing into a wedding site that offers an upload service. This is a place where guests can send their digital images for you to include in your album. The wedding photographer will take all of the formal photographs and will cover the main event better than any amateur could. However, where the pictures from guests really stand out is their ability to capture the mood of the day, as people will be far more relaxed than when they are around a professional photographer.

Informal Memories

Rather than taking lots of posed photographs with everyone smiling in a row, pictures taken from different angles or when the subjects aren't looking directly at the camera can provide a different perspective. Getting down on the floor to take photos of the children at their own level, especially if they are having a good bop on the dance floor, can make a wonderful keepsake. Likewise, lifting the camera to take a photo of all of the guests from a high angle can also provide interesting results. However, taking the time to frame the shot perfectly can mean missing the moment. Switching on the continuous photo function on your camera means you can take several shots in succession. Frequently, people relax after the photo and immediately snapping them again can result in really natural looking pictures. Of course, the biggest advantage guests have over the official photographer is that they are actually a part of the wedding and know others there. It takes a bit of inside information to get photos of situations such as the car being decorated ready for the newlyweds' departure. Wedding photos are supposed to be fun and the photographer will do a great job of capturing the romantic moments in the day. It's always nice to see those images but guests' photos of friends and family plus the bride and groom can create something far more

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