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09 June 2014

Gorgeous Wedding Flowers on a Budget

When it comes to weddings there's so much I love. The delicious cake which is almost too pretty to eat but too delicious not to and is often the crescendo to the entire day (I'm a sweet person). Gorgeous dresses made from delicate, ethereal fabrics and beautifully cut. A bride's natural but breathtakingly beautiful make-up, which adorned with an expression of sheer excitement and joy means she is hands-down the most beautiful woman in the room at all times. Fairy lights also look gorgeous, as do candles, stunning venues and pretty stationery. Oh and sweet tables of course.

But hands down my favourite aspect of a wedding is flowers. Lots of them. Everywhere. If I was being very specific I'd mention peonies, maybe some hydrangeas, magnolia and orchids. Oh and roses. Probably lilies too. Basically I love flowers, but obviously when you're planning a wedding on a budget lots of fresh flowers, as pretty as they'll look can also cost a pretty penny. So here are a few tips that will hopefully save you a little money when it comes to wedding flowers:

In Season Blooms

In season flowers will almost always be cheaper than picking flowers that are not in season, you'll be saving on the importing costs and high supply will automatically equal to lower price!

Single Flowers

Certain flowers have such a striking, large head that they can be displayed as a single flower in a bud vase and look exquisite. Speak to your florist about this as an option.

Large Flowers

Obviously a large peony or hydrangea will take up much more room in an arrangement than a smaller bloom such as delphinium.

Maximise Arrangements

Ask your florist to design arrangements that can be used at your ceremony venue and then can be moved to your reception venue. Bridesmaid bouquets can also be reused - to adorn the bar, piano or cake table.


I don't mean that every bride should DIY, but if you are creative or have a friend/family member then this can work. We featured a gorgeous wedding no our Real Weddings section recently where the bride took the DIY option and used wildflowers from the spot her and her groom fell in love. But if in doubt, use a professional!

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