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09 June 2014

Glowing wedding day skin

Possibly the biggest beauty trend for 2014 weddings is natural looking make-up, the key to which is perfect, effervescent, glowing skin.

While many brides-to-be will start their preparations to look amazing in their dress of choice months before the big day, many forget that they can also begin their skin prep months in advance too. If you don't already have a great skincare routine then it's never too early to start, at the very least it's a good idea to be using a cleanser, toner and moisturiser suited to your skin type, as well as an exfoliator once or twice a week.

Clarins and Dermalogica are both great brands that cater for a range of different skin types, the Body Shop offer a slightly more inexpensive but equally varied range. Going to one of these counters personally will allow the beauty reps to properly assess your skin, ensuring you get the right range for your skin type. It'll also help them recommend any specific products you need. There's one "miracle product" which I honestly cannot recommend highly enough - argan oil. Derived from argan trees in Morocco it's richer in vitamin E than olive oil and is packed full of fatty acids - making it one of nature's most effective moisturisers. Being incredibly lightweight and gentle, it doesn't leave any grease and incredibly also helps with acne and oily skin. The best thing to do is to mix a few drops of this oil with your night-time moisturiser, or massage it into your skin before bed.

Follow these skin tips way ahead of your big day and hopefully you'll have the effervescent glow of your dreams (just be careful you don't blind your partner with your glow)!

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