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09 June 2014

Essential Wedding Day Shots

When you look through your wedding album in years to come, what are the moments that you will most want to remember? Many married couples say their wedding day flew by in a blur - one minute you're making last-minute adjustments to your veil, and before you know it, you're being showered with confetti and climbing into a taxi with your new hubby! In the excitement of the day's celebrations, you will want to make sure those important moments are recorded for you to re-enjoy at a more leisurely pace later on! An experienced wedding photographer will help you to come up with a list of "must-capture" shots, but to get your ideas flowing, read on for our guide to essential wedding day photos.

Bride's dress hanging up

A pretty picture of your gown hanging up in your dressing room will remind you just how excited you were on the morning of your wedding day.

Bride with her bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are the most important ladies in your life, so make sure you get a picture with the girls.

Groom with his groomsmen

Likewise, your husband-to-be feels the same about his groomsmen - even if they would never be soppy enough to admit it!

Bridal bouquet

The flowers may fade, but a picture of your wedding bouquet will last forever.


A close-up of the wedding rings makes a nice contrast to the big, sweeping photos of your venue.

Mother helping the bride to get ready

Chances are your mother has been looking forward to this day since you were a little girl, so make sure you capture a photo of her helping you to fasten your dress or adjust your veil.

Groom waiting for bride

As the groom stands at the altar waiting for you, his beautiful bride, anticipation will be written all over his face - this is not a shot to be missed!

First kiss

We are sure you will want to remember your first of many kisses as husband and wife.

Bride and groom leaving the ceremony

It's time to celebrate! A picture of you leaving the wedding venue is a great visual metaphor for the two of you embarking on married life together.

First dance

Whether you choose classic Aerosmith, Bryan Adams or something a little less traditional, a photo of your first dance as husband and wife will bring those memories flooding back.

The bride dancing with her father

Assuming he can put aside his best disco moves long enough to dance with you, make sure you get a photo with your dad!

The groom dancing with his mother 

and of the groom dancing with his mother, too.

Entire wedding party

It takes time and skill to choreograph a big group photo, but it is well worth capturing the entire wedding party together. From your best friends to your distant relatives, everyone present is important to the two of you and this picture will remind you how much love was shared on your special day. You should also arrange photos with the newlyweds and both sets of parents and siblings.

Cutting the cake

Cutting the cake together is a great photo opp - if you're not opposed to making a mess, smooshing cake into each other's faces makes a fun shot!

Leaving reception

After the day's celebrations, the bride and groom finally get to have some alone time. A photo of them climbing into their taxi together makes a great final shot for the wedding album.


Make sure you plan your essential shots with your wedding photographer before the big day - they will usually visit your venue with you to find the best backdrops and photo opportunities ahead of time. Planning your essential shots provides peace of mind in the run-up to your celebration as you know that, as long as you have these photos, you will have a wonderful wedding album to treasure forever.

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