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09 June 2014

Doing your own bridal make-up - how to get the

Most brides want to go for the traditional, natural, fresh-faced beauty look on their wedding day and it's a little ironic that this is probably one of the hardest make-up looks to achieve!

The thing with wedding make-up is that not only does it have to last all day long but also through all the kissing (family, friends and groom will all want to kiss you), hugging (see last point), crying and eating  - on top of that it also has to look immaculate for the hundreds of photographs you'll be snapped in. Essentially this means your eye make-up has to be tear-proof, your lips kiss-proof and your skin shine-proof. Oh and you'll probably want to simultaneously look like you look this gorgeous naturally. 

More and more brides are choosing to do their make-up themselves, rather than use the help of a professional. This can work really well as long as you bear a few things in mind.

For one thing, do not wear any products on your wedding day that you have not worn previously. Different make-up (no matter the price, brand or quality) reacts differently on different women. While the worst case scenario is having an allergic reaction to a never-tried-before product, the more likely scenarios of certain colours not working for you or a new mascara being slightly too heavy for your lashes and causing them to droop or a lipstick being slightly drying are all cases you want to avoid on your wedding day.

What is a good idea is to trial your wedding day make-up for a whole day, this way you’ll be able to tell how well the products endure. You may find for example, that the primer doesn't do its job as well as you'd like, or that the eye shadow creases towards the end of the day - anticipating these problems before your big day will allow you time to fix them. When it comes to what products to use to achieve the "natural" look (if that is what you're going for) there are so many to choose from! Here are a few of my favourites:



In terms of primer I really don't think you can beat Smashbox, they do such a good range for each type of skin. Benefit's POREfessional is another great primer. Bobbi Brown's Moisture Rich, Dior's DiorSkin Forever, YSL's Le Teint Touch Eclat and NARS Sheer Glow are all wonderful foundations that (used correctly and with the right primer) give a perfect, glowing, natural canvas. It's also a good idea to go for a concealer from the same brand you purchase your foundation from, to get the perfect match. It's also vital that you get your foundation colour tested by a professional and wear it in both natural and artificial light before purchasing. Ask for a sample before buying and wear for at least a full day before purchasing.

Probably the very best "natural" blush is the universally adored Orgasm by NARS, I've not come across a single other blush that gives such a beautifully natural flush, a bonus is that it comes in a powder and cream formula and it suits pretty much every skin tone. If for some reason you don't want to go for this blush then Dior Blush by Dior is also great, with two complimentary tones in a single compact you can mix and match as you like. MAC, Bobbi Brown and Smashbox all do great finishing powders to keep your base looking perfect.



Chanel's Inimitable Waterproof is such a great mascara for beautiful lashes that doesn't give the "spider-lashes" look but still thickens, curls and adds volume and length. If you want to strengthen your lashes pre-wedding then Chanel's Beaute des Clis is a great night-time treatment and can also be worn under your mascara. Dior's DiorShow is another great mascara that doesn't look OTT.

Urban Decay's Naked eye-shadow palettes are a staple in so many make-up bags, and for good reason too. They honestly contain so many shades to create a variety of "natural" eye looks, the shades suit almost everyone too and the palette includes one of the best eye primers I've come across. If you buy from a concession counter the assistant will show you how to use the shades and there are also lots of tutorials on YouTube. Chanel also does a great range of quads, duos and singles and MAC and NARS have lots of choice.














Chanel's eyeliner in Ambre is one of the best brown eyeliners around and being a kohl it can be used in the inside rims of your eyes and suits almost all skin tones.



Chanel's Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle is a beautiful, flattering-for-all-skin-tones, moisturising lipstick that lasts. The best way to describe the colour is that if you close your eyes and imagine your perfect "natural beauty" look this is the colour you'd imagine your lips to be. NARS' Dolce Vita is also a lovely natural lipstick, although the pigmentation of the Chanel lipstick is a little better.

A final tip is to have your photograph taken in your wedding make-up ahead of the day - sometimes foundations/powders can look different in photographs with the flash than they do in person.

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