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09 June 2014

Does Doing It On a Budget Mean Cutting Corners?

Getting married on a budget can be tricky but is by no means impossible. There are many ways you can have the wedding you have always dreamed of without breaking the bank. Getting married on a budget is not about cutting corners; it is about deciding what is most important and planning your beautiful day around that.

Shop Around and Plan

This may sound obvious, but it needs to be said, so shop around. That lovely country boutique bridal store may have a romantic feel and everything is displayed so beautifully but don't get carried away and pay over the odds. Have a look online or check out other bridal shops. You may find exactly the same item for less; the money you save here can be used for something else and every saving helps. If you have picked a date well in advance and have plenty of time to plan, plan your shopping trips to coincide with seasonal sales. You can save a fortune on things like shoes and dresses when you purchase at sale price. Don't forget, however, the dress you buy should be suitable for the season in which you are getting married!

Beautiful Blooms

When it comes to choosing flowers, it is worth bearing in mind that flowers that are in season will be cheaper. If you are not au fait with what will be in bloom and when, do some homework. Ask your florist for guidance and create the perfect seasonal bridal bouquet. This is also the case for floral table decorations.

Get Creative

There are a number of things that you can make yourself and, when done well, they can look very impressive. Handmade and handwritten invitations are actually quite fashionable and you will find any number of stamps, cutters and other related paraphernalia in good craft shops. If you are not creative yourself, you probably have a relative or close friend who is. Matching place settings are also something you can make yourself. Another current fashion that is also a good money saver is the cupcake wedding cake. Instead of buying a huge multi-tiered cake, you can buy or even make a reasonable quantity of individual cupcakes. You can even get stands for these that display the cakes in a wedding cake style arrangement, sometimes with a slightly larger cake on the top. Professional cake makers will be up to date with this kind of thing. However, if you are on a tight budget, why not organise a girls' night in with a group of friends and get them all to muck in, some making the cakes and others (probably your more creative friends) making the icing. You will be amazed at just how stunning this can look and it is little wonder that this cheaper alternative has become all the rage. One area where it is probably a good idea to splash out a little is on a good photographer. Friends of friends are not always a good idea for your wedding pictures (unless he actually IS David Bailey!) and often lead to tales of woe and horrible disappointment. Remember, you will not get another chance at your wedding photos! Above all, it is a good idea to remember that this is your special day and it's not all about how grand your reception venue is or how many bridesmaids you have; it's about you and your partner and your future life together. A wedding day spent in happiness and amongst close friends will give you happy memories for many years to come.

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