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09 June 2014

DIY Wedding Garland Ideas

Garlands, bunting and paper chains are a great way to decorate many types of venue or marquee. They add colour and can help to tie your theme together. Whether flapping in the wind at your outdoor wedding or bedecking the beams of your barn ceremony, garlands and bunting can be very low cost if you make them yourself.

Paint Card Love Heart Garland

These dainty garlands are perfect for hanging on your table edges or across the back of chairs. Next time you visit a decorating or hardware shop grab yourself a few paint card samples in colours that match your scheme. You will also need a love heart punch, string/wool and a needle. Cut out your love hearts and arrange them in a pile in order of the colours you want to appear in your garland. Thread your needle and start to feed the string through the hearts, leaving a few centimetres gap between each heart. Make sure that you also leave a good amount of free string at each end so that the garlands can be tied or pinned up easily.

garland 1garland 2

You can also use the same technique but with book pages instead of paint cards.

garland 3

Rag Garlands

Rag garlands or rag bunting is so easy to make and can be done at virtually no cost by recycling old fabrics (clothes, curtains etc.). Cut fabric strips (or tear it for a shabby chic frayed look) and simply tie them along a length of twine or other type of string. You could use lengths of ribbon and lace instead of fabric if you wanted to.

garland 4garland 5

Doily Bunting

Doily bunting is great for a lace themed wedding. A pack of white paper doilies will set you back around £1.50 with coloured ones costing between £2.50 and £3.00. Lay out a length of string and fold your doilies over the string. Add a dab of glue to hold the doily in place and voila!

garland 6garland 7

Mirror Tile Garland

These garlands are great for black tie, glitz and glam weddings. You will need a couple of packs of mirror tiles which cost around £8 per bag, fishing wire, a glue gun and a pole or branch of some sort from which to hang your strands. Use your glue gun to stick the backs of the mirror tiles to the fishing wire, leaving a gap between each tile. Leave plenty of wire free at the top so that you can tie your strands to your pole or branch. As a finishing touch you could even hang some fairy lights with your mirror strands too.

garland 8garland 9

Photo Garland

Photo garlands are a great way to really personalise your wedding. Order a set of your favourite pics, all in the same size. Cut out your flags from a contrasting colour card, making them approximately 2cms bigger than your photo around three edges. Leave additional space at the top for punching holes which you can thread your ribbon through. Glue your images to your flags then thread each one on. Alternatively you can make is super easy for yourself and just peg your photos to your ribbon.

garland 10
garland 11

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