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09 June 2014

Dieting For Your Wedding

Wedding DietsWhen you're dieting for your wedding you have a particular target and a very good reason. All the focus will be on you and the photos will be a lasting reminder. If you need to shed a few pounds in order to look your best, start as early as you can and take it slowly.

Give Yourself Time

Crash dieting two weeks before the wedding day won't be of any benefit. Work out how much you need to lose each week by deciding what your ideal weight is and how much you need to lose to get there. Then work out how many weeks to your wedding and divide the amount of weight you'd like to lose by the number of weeks. Trying to lose too much too quickly can leave you feeling weak and de-motivated and this can actually lead to a weight gain when you start comfort eating. Just as it takes time to gain weight, so it takes time to lose it. Plan ahead and you'll get that slim profile for your wedding.

Be Sensible

If you only want to shed a few pounds, going it alone with a diet plan is fine. If your plan includes losing lots of weight and you want the changes you make now to become part of your life, you would probably find the advice of a dietician helpful. Consult your doctor with your plans and ask for advice. This is especially important if you have other health issues such as diabetes, or if you plan on starting an exercise regime after a long term of inactivity.

Know Your Weak Spots

Everybody has them, so don't feel bad. Planning is key when it comes to out-thinking yourself with dieting. For instance, if you know that at 9pm every night you start fancying a chocolate biscuit with your tea, don't buy the biscuits. You'll hate yourself for a moment when you remember the cupboard is bare, but thank yourself later on when the temptation passes. If you're counting calories, stock up on low-calorie snacks so you have an alternative to the fattening food you'd prefer. Plan your meals for the week and shop for the ingredients in advance, working out the calorie content for each one, so you can stay on track even when you're tired and don't want the hassle. This will help you to stay strong when your will power is at its weakest.

Be Kind to Yourself

Combine a healthy diet plan with an exercise routine. The only way to lose weight in time for your wedding is to use up more calories than you eat. But that's no reason to make yourself miserable. If you hate the thought of going to the gym, take up brisk walking instead. If you love dancing, learn a more energetic form to burn more calories. Finding a form of exercise that you enjoy and that fits in with your lifestyle means you're more likely to stick with it for the long term. If you want to show off your arms in a sleeveless wedding dress, remember to include some form of strength or weight training to build up muscle tone as you lose weight.

Track Your Progress

One way of motivating yourself to carry on is to really see the progress you're making and the difference the diet and exercise is having on your shape. Take a photo of yourself in your underwear before you start. Then take more photos at monthly intervals and compare them. Having a visual image of how you were compared with how you look now is a huge motivation for further success. Dieting is hard, but with such an important event in the near future, it's worth it. After all the hard work you'll be able to look back at your wedding photos with pride, knowing you looked your absolute best.

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