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09 June 2014

Cooking Your Own Wedding Cake

Make Your Own Wedding CupcakesThere are lots of reasons to make your own wedding cake. Perhaps you are sentimental and like your own love, care and attention to be bound into this symbol of your wedding. Perhaps you think that you get better value for money if you make your own cake or maybe you are creative and want to design your own personal cake creation. You may want to source your own ingredients, using eggs from a local farm, or some rare produce. Whatever the reason for making your own cake, it is worth thinking about the following.

Step One: decide on the type of cake

That might sound obvious, but there are many styles and types to choose from. Do you want the traditional fruit cake and tiered formal design plus marzipan, icing and decorations? Are you into a funkier vibe? There is a trend at the moment for stacks of cupcakes to be used in place of a more traditional cake, which are easy to hand out to guests (although the ceremonial 'cutting of the cake' is not quite the same). If the traditional fruit cake is too heavy, do you want a sponge cake instead and if so, what flavour? A fresh lemon cake is very cleansing after the meal but a chocolate cake would suit the chocoholic newlywed. The sky is really the limit and it's worth thinking about this carefully before diving in.

Step Two: pick out your recipe

Depending on the type of wedding cake you are going for, you need to settle on an appropriate recipe. Don't stick with the first one you find; look out for alternative versions. Many chefs and websites have tips and variations for many of the standard classics or basic recipes so it's worth doing your homework.

Step Three: practise

Don't cut yourself so short of time that you only have one stab at making your cake. Have a trial run first. Work out if the final result is as delicious as you had hoped. If not, nothing is lost and you can try again. You might want to experiment with ingredients too. Go for the best quality you can reasonably afford within your budget.

Step Four: icing and toppings

Although the guests at your wedding will be able to pleasantly nibble on the delicious centre of your cake, perhaps what will be remembered most is the appearance of it. It's worth spending a lot of time to get this step right. Many recipes will explain how to add marzipan and icing to your cake if you're looking for a traditional style. It is worth considering the 'toppers' too - that's to say the decorations. It is something of a wedding ritual to have the little figurines of the bride and groom on the cake. Do you like the formal pose or would you prefer a more humorous, light hearted interpretation (such as the couple flirting with each other)? What about the other decorations too? As this is the 'visible' bit of the cake and likely to appear on the photos, take time to find exactly what you want. It is easy to make the cake 'custom-made' by using the cake decorations to reflect the personality and character (and interests) of the couple.

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