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09 June 2014

Choosing a Videographer

Wedding photos are great, but having a dvd of your big day captures those special moments in a way that a still picture just can't compete with. Many brides say that their wedding day passed in such a blur, that there were lots of parts that they feel they missed or simply forgot because there was so much going on. Opting to have a professional videographer allows the happy couple to see the day through their guests' eyes as well as providing a permanent reminder of the best bits. But how do you choose the right videographer, especially when there are so many in the market?

Money Isn't Everything

Weddings can be an expensive business, so it can be very tempting to plump for the videographer offering the best deal. But whilst you don't want to break the bank, there's no point splashing out for footage that just leaves a bad taste in your mouth every time you see it. To make sure your videographer fits your requirements as well as your budget, there are a few things you should check before making a firm booking.

Try Before You Buy

Firstly, any decent videographer will provide a sample for you to peruse. Have a close look at their camera work. Is the image clear without blur and the footage steady? Do the scenes flow and unfold to create a seamless story of the day or do they jar from one moment to the next? Editing is one of the skills you are paying for and can be the thing that makes or breaks your dvd. Another thing to pay attention to is the way in which guests respond to the camera. The best videographers are almost invisible and are experienced enough to know that wedding guests won't respond well to being caught off guard or suddenly confronted with an up-close camera. However, some may choose to take this approach to create an 'edgier' feel to their end product, which may not be ideal for a wedding.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask About the Equipment

Whilst you might not be that technically adept, it is worth asking the videographer to explain what kind of equipment they will be using. It is close to impossible to get a clear soundtrack using an in-camera microphone for some parts of the day and the best ones will use other discreet methods such as wireless microphones to capture the most intimate moments.

What if...?

Hopefully, you will receive your recording of the big day without any hitches but on a rare occasion, there may be a problem. If this occurs, you want to know that the videographer is fully covered by both professional and public liability insurance. If they can't answer any questions you might have on this subject, it's safe to assume they aren't fully covered and you may be better off elsewhere, just in case you are one of the unlucky few.

Experience is Key

Finally, find out how experienced your videographer is. Everyone has to start somewhere but employing someone who has never covered a wedding before is a risk you might not want to take. If you are in doubt about their credentials, ask whether they are a member of the Institute of Videography (IOV). The IOV is a non-profit making organisation that has a code of practice that all members must adhere to, something which could provide real peace of mind on your wedding day.

Go With Your Gut Instinct...

Who you ultimately pick will come down to personal preference. There's no point picking someone who you don't warm to, as your video footage will probably end up reflecting this. So, whilst all of the above points are worth bearing in mind, you also need to find a videographer you feel you can trust to capture your special day.

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