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09 June 2014

Choosing a Photographer

Choosing A Wedding PhotographerYour big day...and just one chance to capture those moments you will want to treasure forever. That's exactly why it's important to spend a bit of time making sure you find the photographer that is right for you and not just the first one that fits your budget. There's no escaping the fact that weddings are an expensive business and with every little trimming adding more and more to the cost, it can be tempting to scale back wherever you can. However, whilst there are some things that will barely be noticeable if you opt for the budget version, the photos are not one of them.

Don't Compromise

It goes without saying that you need to trust whoever takes your photos not to ruin or lose the shots and to be able to get the best out of every moment. Whilst your mate might be a dab hand behind the camera, trusting him to take the photos of the big day might mean you end up with a collection of amateur looking photos.

But Money Isn't Everything...

However, cost isn't everything and the most expensive photographer you can afford may not be right for you. One of the most important factors is whether you have a matching style and whether you click (if you excuse the pun!). There's no point paying out for a top-notch photographer if their style is classically formal, with directed photographs in fixed poses and you prefer a more spontaneous casual approach. Although it may seem like a bizarre concept, your photographer is an integral part of your big day and can really influence the mood of your guests.

Compare the Market

A wedding fair is a great way to compare different photographers as well as see samples of previous shots (an absolute necessity) without feeling as if you are under any pressure to commit.

Bargaining Skills

It's also important to understand what exactly will be included in the price and the format your photos will be supplied in. Will you be provided with a ready-made album or just a CD of the shots? Will you get copies of all the photos taken or just those you select? How will the photos be taken - digitally or with a more traditional camera? You will also need to negotiate with your photographer about how long they will stay for. Do you expect them to hang around for the reception? If so, expect to pay a premium for this. A good compromise is getting the day photographed professionally but leaving the evening reception to be captured on film by means of disposable cameras handed out to guests, plus one reliable appointed 'photographer' for the night. Whether you fancy seeing your day captured in sepia, black and white, or with a fun and funky twist, making sure the photographer understands what you want and is able to translate that into the pictures is the most important factor for you to discuss.

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