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06 May 2015

Bridal Tanning Guide By St Tropez Expert

Image credit: Julien Macdonald and St Tropez

Apart from the beautiful diamond dress, what stood out about Julien Macdonald’s brides at his SS15 LFW show was their gorgeous caramel glow, courtesy of St Tropez. While fake tans CAN make you look like a TOWIE extra when they go wrong, as Julien Macdonald proved they can also look impeccable.  RoK spoke to Jules Heptonstall, St.Tropez Tanning Expert, for his top tips on how every bride can look golden and gorgeous on her wedding day:

TAN TWO DAYS IN ADVANCE For bridal tans, I always recommend having your tan at least two days before. That way you are absolutely guaranteed that there will be no transfer onto your dress. In my opinion, a spray tan’s optimum colour is on day two – so if you’re getting married on a Saturday, have your tan on the Thursday. 

TRY BEFORE THE BIG DAY Just like you would a hair or makeup appointment, make sure you’ve trialled your spray tanner – build the relationship with them so you both understand the colour you want to be, the last thing you want on the big day is a tan surprise.

PREP TO MAXIMISE YOUR TAN Exfoliate your skin 48hours before your spray tan and pay special attention to your hands, elbows, knees and feet. On the morning of your tan, don’t moisturise. The moisturiser will act as a barrier to the spray tan and your colour won’t be as rich. You’ll be asked to remove any make up or deodorant before your expert applies their tan.

GO NATURAL Whatever your skin tone, it’s all about choosing a natural looking tan for the big day. If you’re wearing white / cream / ivory remember your tan will look darker anyway because of the lighter shade of your dress. Remember that you will be stood next to your groom and family, so opting for a natural looking spray tan you won’t look out of place.

OPT FOR SPRAY-ON With spray tans – the tan develops with your skin, so once it’s developed; it will be with you in the skin for 5-7 days. If you’re using wash off, there can be a risk of tan transfer so a spray is always advisable.

Jules Heptonstall applying St Tropez fake tan.

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