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09 June 2014

Bridal hair and make-up styling ideas

Bridal HairYou want to look special and beautiful on your wedding day, but you also want to feel comfortable and confident. Practise your look by rehearsing your hair and make-up styles so that when the day arrives, you know exactly what you're doing and how long it will take to get ready.



The last thing you want on your wedding day are split ends and a dry, straw-like texture. Give your hair the best possible chance of looking its glossiest by preparing it with some deep conditioning treatments for several weeks before the big day. Depending on the overall condition of your hair this may mean hot oil conditioning treatment, or choosing a good quality conditioner to use after shampooing.

Choose Your Type of Styling

Wedding hairstyles generally fall into one of three different categories: romantic, classical or glamorous. Romantic hair is soft and flowing, with gentle curls or waves and may be decorated with flowers or interwoven with ribbons or beads. The overall look is serene and feminine. Classic wedding hair styling is equally feminine, but tends to be slightly less fussy than its more romantic counterpart. Classic styles look sleek and clean, with upswept sides and back showing off the nape of the neck and the ears. Team this classic look with chandelier earrings, fascinators, classic headbands or tiaras. Glamorous hair raises the stakes in classical styling, bringing an aura of movie star sophistication to the wedding look. How you accessorise your hair adds to the glamour of a style, with large flowers and feathers or interwoven pearls making a striking addition.

Be Yourself

Your whole wedding outfit, including your hairstyle, choice of jewellery and the style of your wedding gown, should reflect your personality and make you feel beautiful but not uncomfortable. If you normally wear your hair down and feel restricted or self-conscious when it's pinned up, it's unlikely you'll want it to be over-styled for the big day. Making small changes to your everyday style by adding just a few curls or waves or pinning up the sides with pretty clips or slides could be all you need to make a dramatic difference for the special occasion.


If you plan on doing your own make-up for the day, practise beforehand, so you know exactly which products suit you and give the effect you want. Work your wedding make-up routine around these tips: - Use a primer before applying foundation. A primer gives the foundation a base that prevents it seeping into your skin and disappearing. - Choose a foundation that's close to your natural skin colour and choose it in daylight if possible. Apply powder after foundation, even if you don't normally wear both. You only need a very light dusting of powder, but it helps to set the foundation and increase its longevity. - Apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks. If you smile, the apples are the soft plump areas of your cheeks that the smile pushes forward. Make sure to blend the blusher out and up towards your hairline to avoid looking like a painted doll. - Open up your eyes by applying light eyeshadow all over the lid before shading in darker colours along the lash line. Blend the colours together to create soft shading and enhance the whites of your eyes with a darker liner below and above your lashes. - Apply your lipstick or gloss. Choose soft natural colours for a romantic look, or more striking reds or corals if your overall effect is more glamorous. - Finish by curling your lashes, then applying a couple of coats of waterproof mascara, just in case of tears of happiness. The key to both looking and feeling on top of the world is preparation. Don't be afraid to experiment, but don't be afraid to be yourself either. It's your day. Make sure it reflects your own style.

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