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09 June 2014

Alternative Catering Ideas for your Big Day

While in the past many couples may have stuck to a very formal, structured catering routine for their wedding day, more and more couples are choosing to break the mould and  doing it their way, and why shouldn't they - it's their day after all! Here are a few trends we are seeing in the wedding world at the moment.

Taste of nostalgia

Weddings are sprinkled with memories - be they cherishing ones past or creating new ones to last for years to come, with that in mind food that reminds you of your childhood is great to have at your wedding. We love the idea of having "his and hers" courses using favourite dishes from each side of the family and having traditional childhood desserts like apple pie and custard or pineapple upside down.

Edible centre pieces


We absolutely love the idea of having cupcakes or cookies as centre pieces in the place of flowers, not only are they a delicious treat for guests they are also cost effective - looking lovely and doubling up as something for your guests to nibble on before (or between) food service. While flowers undoubtedly look beautiful, the right edible centre can also look and taste amazing!

British canapés

Canapés remain a popular option for couples, and many are opting for canapés with a traditional British twist. Mini fish and chips in newspaper cones, mini steak and chips, mini pies and even mini ice-cream cones are all popular choices. Having an after-dinner ice-cream van present at outdoor weddings is also a popular choice!


The most important thing to remember when deciding on wedding catering is that it's your day! You can absolutely go for a traditional wedding breakfast if that is what you want but similarly feel free to play around with food choices as you please, after all it is your wedding day. One golden rule? Never leave your guests feeling hungry, if there are going to be vegetarians, vegans or anyone with special dietary requirements present make sure they are catered for. Get that right and the rest is up to you!

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