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23 December 2015

All That Glitters: How to Add a Glittery Touch to your Wedding

IT’S TWO DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Okay, now that that is out of the way, I’d like to introduce you to glitter, a beautiful way to add a little sparkle to your wedding. There are so many elegant ways to add a little glitter to your wedding theme, from glittery jars with gorgeous blooms, on balloons and even on food!

We’ll begin with cakes, a glorious centre-piece on its own, with a little glitter, wedding cakes look absolutely beautiful and delectable. The opulence of glitter looks so pretty against the fresh naturalness of the flowers, either saturated, bright colours or paler, blush tones look beautiful. You don’t have to go all-out with the glitter either, having a single layer in glitter works really well too. 

Glittery linen looks so pretty when teamed with blushes, nudes and crispy white. I love the idea of having nude linen on all the tables and then having a rose gold glittery cake table linen. Occasional tables with glittered table covers look so glam for an evening reception and if you’re going all-out with glittery table linens lots of white flowers will compliment it beautifully. 

Balloons make the ultimate modern wedding décor, and you can easily glitter them up! Spray paint them or cover the tops with glue and roll in glitter for pretty décor. You can also buy balloons with sparkly confetti already inside.

Sparkly cupcakes, glittery macaroons and twinkly cupcakes all look so pretty! Glitter on food works really well with pretty pastels and white and adds a lovely sparkle to a wedding

Table numbers are another way of adding glitter to your wedding in an elegant way. You can DIY numbers with glitter spray or glue and glitter very easily or go for a glittery number on card in a pretty frame. A mason jar with glitter and the number stencilled out also looks lovely.

Glittery jars are a perfect way of adding subtle glitter for those who don’t want too much sparkle. Cover the top or bottom of a pretty jar in glitter and fill with pretty flowers, pinks and white in particular work really well and brighter pinks add a very modern touch. Baby’s breath is one of my favourite flowers due to its pretty simplicity and they work so well with glitter!


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