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09 June 2014

Afternoon Tea Themed Wedding Bunting

Wedding BuntingBunting looks wonderful when it is lazily flapping in the spring breeze or when strung across windows and beams. It is something that no English tea party or festival would be complete without. Paper bunting is extremely easy to make and will add a splash of colour to your wedding reception areas whether they are indoors or outside. Grab a cup of tea, a slice of cake and follow my quick tutorial to make paper bunting for your quintessential English wedding!



  • Pink Parfait A5 Paper Stack
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Raspberry Coloured Organza Ribbon
  • Small Heart Shaped Punch
Make Your Own Wedding Bunting


Step 1: Take your first sheet of the Pink Parfait paper and lay it pattern side down on a flat surface. Place a ruler across the top of the paper and make a small mark at the halfway point. 

Step 2: Place the paper under the guillotine with the blade lined up to run from the bottom right corner to the mark you just made and cut.

Step 3: Rotate your paper and line up the bottom left corner to the mark that you made and cut. Turn your paper over and should have a nice pointy flag shape!

Step 4: Now your flag is pattern side up stick a length of double sided sticky tape across the top edge of your flag. Peel off the backing tape and line up your ribbon so that it sits directly on top of the tape. Press down firmly to properly attach the ribbon to the paper.

Step 5: To make your flag a little more decorative use your heart shaped punch to cut little love hearts from the off cuts of your flags. Stick the hearts at the pointy end of each flag. Repeat steps 1 to 5 for each flag, leaving approximately 2cms between the flags. Remember to leave a couple of inches of excess ribbon either side of your first and last flags so that you can loop it ready for hanging at your venue. There you are,  5 steps to truly yummy paper bunting that is perfect for your afternoon tea themed wedding!

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