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09 June 2014

3 Designs Anyone Can Recreate on a Plain Iced Cake

Those on a budget will most likely be reluctant to pay the premium that a bespoke wedding cake demands. This article shows you how to get the wow factor on a shoe string budget.

Getting Started

If you are a whizz in the kitchen and feel confident baking and icing your cakes then by all means go for it! For those less inclined to don the apron and chef hat, some supermarkets sell pre-iced cakes in differing sizes for stacking (you may need to order them in advance from the bakery section). For complete ease, you can purchase a plain, stacked arrangement of cakes so you don't even need to bother with cake pillars. Some supermarkets offer this, although if you have a local bakery it's always advisable to go and speak to them about your requirements too to keep your options open and source the best price. Once your plain iced cakes are stacked and ready to go, choose one of these three ideas for an easy and affordable wedding cake.

Option One: Traditional Pearls

A traditional white wedding calls for a traditional white cake with edible iridescent embellishments. Sugar pearls are fantastic for this look because not only are they in-keeping with the theme, they are also great at disguising the lines between the tiers and affordable too. You can add ribbon to the base of each cake for added interest and top off with white fresh or silk flowers.

Pearl cake

Option Two: Tropical Brights

If your wedding is going to be a fiesta of colour, it stands to reason that your cake is the epicentre of this colourful affair. The white of the icing will make the colours really stand out, and a great way to achieve this is with colourful fruit. Choose 3 contrasting colours such as grapes, pineapple and strawberries and block the colour by adding lines of strawberries to the bottom tier, pineapple slices to the middle tier and grapes at the top. Secure the fruit by piping a small line of fresh whipped cream around the base of each tier and setting the fruit into place on this line. Finish off with these fun parrot cake toppers!

parrot cake toppers

Word of warning - this requires last minute attention due to the nature of the fresh fruit decoration. Make sure you've tested it on a dummy cake well in advance and you have someone on hand on the day to add this detail on and return to the fridge for as long as possible at the reception.

Option Three: Twee Vintage

A plain cake is instantly given a quirky vintage twist with candy coloured mini macaroons lined up around each tier. Stick on with edible glue and finish your cake off with adorable mini bunting for a cake worthy of a village fate cake competition entry!


You really don't have to spend a fortune on the wedding cake to achieve an amazing creation. With a little practice and a helping hand from friends or family, not only can it save you money it can also be a fun and ultimately rewarding task!

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